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What kind of zippers do we produce?

Adifafe takes care of producing all types of zippers you want! From metal, nylon and injected zippers, to invisible, among others. We seek to respond to your needs, always managing to offer you the product you are looking for and in the exact color you want!

Zippers are used in the textile industry for a variety of purposes, including:

– Closure of Garments: Zippers are often used to close garments such as Sweaters, Pants, Skirts and Dresses. They can be used as an alternative to buttons, hooks and loops, offering greater speed and ease of use.

– Decoration: The zippers can be used as a decorative element in garments such as jackets and sweatshirts. They can be used in contrasting colors to add a pop of color and style.

– Pockets: Zippers are often used in clothing pockets to ensure that the objects inside the pocket remain secure.

– Accessories: In addition to being used on clothing, zip fasteners are also used on accessories such as bags, backpacks and shoes. They offer an easy and secure method of opening and closing these items.

– Furniture parts: Zippers are also used in the upholstered furniture industry to allow cushions to be easily removed for cleaning or replacement.

Our Zippers production

Metal Zipper

The Metal zippers consisting of two rows of metal teeth that are molded into fixed shapes at regular intervals on the zipper tape. This article can be bathed in any metallic color you want, such as bronze, old gold, silver, among other tonalities. In addition to the teeth and straps, the metal zipper is also made up of one or two sliders, handled manually, depending on the intended purpose.

Due to the durability that the material offers, this type of closure is often applied to jeans, bags, suitcases, and pieces that require more resistant materials.

Nylon Zipper

Nylon zippers are made of nylon monofilaments. In this piece the nylon teeth are sewn to the zipper tape. Some advantages of this type of product are its high resistance to horizontal force, its easy repair, and its lightness.

Invisible Zipper

The invisible zipper is an evolution of common zippers. This one is also made of nylon, however, it differs from the previous one by the size and position of its teeth. This type of product is normally applied to women’s clothing, allowing it to close the clothes without showing the presence of any type of application from the outside, thus allowing a perfect closure of the garment.

The sewing of this type of zipper on the piece requires a detailed work using specific pieces (such as the presser foot of the machine).

What about personalization?

As mentioned above, it is essential for Adifafe to be able to respond to all your requests. So what if you want a zipper with an engraving on the tab/cursor? We do! You just have to send us the design you want to be engraved and in the place you want, and Adifafe takes care of everything!

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