It was based on these three premises that in 2008 the ADIFAFE founder, with a profound knowledge of the textile sector and its needs, decided to move forward with this project.

With a covered area of 4,000 square meters, ADIFAFE is dedicated to the production of sewing threads, textured threads and cotton threads. With a range of more than two thousand colors in stock, it will start to develop the production of zippers and narrow fabrics. In parallel, it is dedicated to the commercialization of components and accessories for the textile and footwear industries.

A sustained growth over these twelve years of activity;

A personalized service that privileges a policy of dialogue and cooperation with its clients;

A continuous investment in training;

An investment in state-of-the-art machinery;

Commercial spaces in Fafe, Guimarães and Porto and the projected opening of new points of sale.

ADIFAFE now reaches a level that offers a wider horizon.



Adifafe’s mission is the development, production and sales of accessories for the textile industry, drawing on its extensive experience and know-how, ensuring maximum quality and sustainability for the client company.


Valuing the quality that guarantees and that identifies it, Adifafe intends to stand out in the competitive market of the textile industry, being a top brand nationally and internationally.


To cope with the evolution and competitiveness of this market, Adifafe is based on the following values for the continuity of the company, as well as the growing demand and requirement, which distinguishes it and ensures its effectiveness and rigor in its services and products:

With extensive experience in production and sales of extremely high quality accessories for the textile industry, Adifafe offers among its products: narrow fabrics, yarns, sewing threads, cords, tapes, buttons, springs, eyelets, elastics and more

Did you know that Adifafe was highlighted Company PME Leader and PME Excellence?

Thanks to its quality excellence, innovative spirit and risk profile, Adifafe was highlighted PME Leader Company 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 PME of Excellence 2016, a fact that makes Adifafe proud for its years of experience, struggle and hard work. This distinction recognizes, publicly, the success of the market strategy of Adifafe and the importance of its contribution to the national economy. Thus, it is a factor of pride not only for itself, but also for its employees and customers, to whom Adifafe expresses its heartfelt thanks.




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