Cord for bag handles.

The Cord for bag handles offers a modern design, as it is possible to customize it according to specific needs or interests with the use of the product. Custom cords may vary in terms of colors, finish and raw material.

Cords for bags with terminals are cords that come pre-equipped with plastic or metal terminals at their ends. These terminals are used to ease the threading of the cord through the bag and also to hold the cord in place to prevent it from loosening or becoming detached.


Thus, cods for bags with terminals offer a convenient way to close and open bags, providing a fast and efficient tying system. Terminals can come in different forms, such as hooks, claws or loops, which fit or attach to the bag.

These cords are especially useful in industrial packaging bags, gift bags, jewelry bags, commonly used by retail stores, or in any application where a secure and convenient closure is required.
There are different types of cords available, and choosing the right cord will depend on the type of bag and the purpose of use.

  • Cotton cords: These are soft and flexible cords, ideal for reusable shopping bags. They are comfortable to hold and offer a good grip.
  • Polypropylene (PP) cords: PP cords are durable, resistant to traction and have a high load capacity. They are often used in storage bags that need to support weight.
  • Elastic cords: These cords are made with elastic materials, such as rubber or latex, and are useful when you want to keep the contents of the bag secure and tightly closed. They are commonly used in garment bags or sports bags.
  • Nylon cords: Nylon is a strong and durable material that is resistant to wear and tear. Nylon drawstrings are often used on heavy bags such as travel bags or backpack bags.


Furthermore, cords can vary in thickness, color and length, depending on individual needs and preferences.

ADIFAFE has several models of cords for bags available, with or without ends. As we are cord producers, we can develop any cord you like and that adapts to your needs, in terms of design, width, length and finish.

For more information please contact us.

In addition to cords for bag handles, we have a range of cords available, such as: Flat Cords , Round, or even elastic cords.

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